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The following is an overview of the activities to come for the program lineup for the 150th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation in Gatineau in 2017.

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Hockey in Canada - More than just a game!

March 9 to Oct. 9, 2017
Canadian Museum of History, Gatineau

Sweat-soaked jerseys in the dressing room. The flick of the wrist shot. The roar of the fans. For millions of Canadians, winter means hockey, and our identity is rooted in the sport. If you’re a committed hockey fan, come and see Hockey in Canada – More Than Just a Game, a fascinating interactive experience with unique artefacts, pictures of historic moments, and items from private collections


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Light and Sound of Silence

May 27 and beyond
Masson-Angers sector, Parc Saint-Amour

The Masson-Angers sector would like to contribute to the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation in a very special way. The two surge tanks (water reservoirs) at the Masson plant, which were built in 1933 and have since become one of the community’s landmarks, will be permanently illuminated to become the lighthouses announcing the approach to Gatineau, thereby commemorating the engineering of the period when they were built, and paying tribute to that sector’s industrial heritage. The lights will be inaugurated in a show that will be a first of its kind in Canada, zero decibel (participants will use headphones), to highlight the natural environment while preserving its silence


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Festibière 150th - Craftbeer Festival

June 8 to 10, 2017
Canadian Museum of History, Gatineau

The Festibière organizing committee will use the opportunity of the 150th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation in 2017 to stage the biggest beer tasting event in Canada. As part of this major celebration, Festibière de Gatineau will be renamed Festibière 2017 Craftbeer Festival. For three days in June 2017, the new Festibière formula will be marked by the presence of brewers from every province and territory in Canada. These artisan/exhibitors will share their stories with visitors to the Canadian Museum of History who will be stopping by to enjoy the regional flavours and different Canadian brewery products.


Gatineau’s Intercultural Festival

June 20 to 22, 2017
Scott-Fairview Domain, Hull sector

From June 20 to 22, 2017, Canada’s 150th anniversary will resonate with the colours of diversity, as Aboriginal communities, newcomers and Gatineau residents gather for the Gatineau’s first Intercultural Festival, an initiative of the Centre interculturel de Gatineau and its members. This festival will encompass International Aboriginal Day (which normally takes place in late June), International Refugee Day (which also takes place in late June), and the St-Jean-Baptiste, on June 23. Every community will host one of these days, which will define the program for the day (June 20: refugees / June 21: Aboriginal people / June 22: Quebecers.) The program will include a series of shows, information booths, crafts and culinary offerings highlighting the culture and talents of the communities’ members, conferences, a pow-wow, a consultation forum and much more.

Free admission

Famous historical figures (Théâtre Dérives urbaines)

To be confirmed
Quai des Légendes, rue Jacques-Cartier, Gatineau sector

This project involves the creation of a historical play presented outdoors at the Quai des Légendes, highlighting figures and events that marked Gatineau’s history. The play’s main author, Luc Moquin, will rely on writings about the different characters in the theatrical and historical piece entitled Portage dans le Temps, but will take liberties with their monologues to enable them to interact with each other and to create a dynamic and appealing content for the audience. The piece will use a brand new dissemination venue (Le Quai des Légendes) and reach a new audience. The company has always been popular in the Hull sector, and for the past ten years in Aylmer, but has never appeared before the general public in the Gatineau sector.

Free admission

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MosaïCanada 150 / Gatineau 2017

June 30th to October 15, 2020
Jacques-Cartier Park

For 107 days, Jacques-Cartier Park will host the biggest horticultural event in Canada, with MosaïCanada 150/Gatineau 2017. Mosaiculture is a most spectacular technique that combines the following different art forms:

  • sculpture for the structure;
  • paint for the palette of colours; and
  • horticulture as the means of creating living and changing artworks with plants.

The theme of the Gatineau exhibit will reflect 150 years of history, values, culture and arts in Canada, represented by some 40 different arrangements. The exhibit will consist of a route extending over almost one kilometre. Each visit will last approximately 90 minutes.


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Canadian History Hall

Opening on July 1, 2020
Canadian Museum of History

A flint arrowhead. A brass astrolabe. An iron railway spike. All objects bearing witness to conflicts, struggles, losses, but also accomplishments, successes and hopes. Welcome to the new Canadian History Hall, where evidence of the past tells a tale as vast and varied as the land itself. Taking up more than 40,000 square feet, this signature gallery traces Canada’s history from the dawn of human habitation to the present day. Authentic artifacts and landmark moments in our history are explored through various lenses, as visitors encounter the events, changes and personalities that shaped our nation, and whose influence on our lives can still be felt today. The largest and most ambitious exhibition project ever undertaken by the Canadian Museum of History, the Canadian History Hall is our gift to the people of Canada as we celebrate the 150th anniversary of Confederation.


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Picnic on the Bridge (Sold Out)

July 2, 2017
Alexandra Bridge

A first in Canada, as the Alexandra Bridge turns into a lush grassy haven where residents and visitors from both sides of the Ottawa River will meet to be part of a Canadian premiere on July 2, 2017: an interprovincial picnic.

Entertainment, canapés, gifts and one of the best views in the area.


Festival d’humour de Gatineau

July 6 to 8, 2017
Place de la Cité, Gatineau sector

The Festival de l’humour de Gatineau will mark the return to comedy to the Outaouais’ major events. The Festival, which will run for three days in Gatineau’s magnificent Place de la Cité, will feature the big names in comedy, the rising stars in the industry, and the next generation of comedy talent from here and beyond. This first edition of the event will take place outdoors, under the stars, promising a unique experience for Gatineau residents as part of the 150th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation.

Admission charge: ticket required

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Sand Wonders - Water Canada

July 7 to 9, 2017
Parc du Lac Beauchamp

WATER CANADA! Canada’s history over water is the theme of the 2017 Sand Wonders Festival in Gatineau, marking our country’s 150th anniversary. A unique opportunity to gather and celebrate our origins, our FOOTPRINT, our BELONGING and our UNIVERSE by discovering our history over water from sea to sea. Created in 2000, the Festival showcases the natural heritage of Parc du Lac-Beauchamp, situated in the centre of Gatineau. Over time and water, Sand Wonders has become THE annual meeting place for sand sculptures! In addition to a sand-filled program that is both artistic and fun, a new aquatic component with a focus on waterways and wet activities was added in 2013. The Aquazone and the Grand Anchorage are central to this new activity, and many more will be coming!


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Endless landscape (Exhibition)

July 4 to 29, 2017
La Fonderie

Organized by AXENÉO7, Endless landscape is an exhibition of giant works of art and sculptures that will take place in the summer of 2017 in La Fonderie as part of the National Arts Centre’s Canada Scene series. The exhibtion will have a special flavour in 2017 because of the celebration of the 150th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation. A dozen of Canada’s top visual artists are expected this June in Gatineau, where each of them will produce a giant work in the oversized space in La Fonderie, hence the concept of Endless landscape. The exhibition will be open to the public in July and August 2017, and admission will be free.



August 2017 (Dates to be confirmed)
Brewery Creek

This spectacular event, which was a huge hit in the summer of 2015, highlights Gatineau’s history and heritage through a multimedia show and water projections. This original and enchanting event will attract not only the local community but also the millions of visitors expected in the area in 2017.


Cirque du Soleil - VOLTA

August 3 to 27, 2017
On the Zibi Site

VOLTA tells a spellbinding story about the freedom to choose and the thrill of blazing your own trail. Inspired in part by the adventurous spirit that fuels the culture of action sports, the show weaves the adrenaline rush of acrobatics into a visually striking world.

VOLTA is a story of transformation. It is about being true to oneself, fulfilling one’s true potential, and the power of the group to make that possible. It celebrates freedom as a movement.

Visit Website for tickets


Casino du Lac Leamy - Sound and Light (Canada 150 Special Edition)

August 5 to 19, 2017
Canadian Museum of History

For 2017, the Casino du Lac-Leamy Sound of Light will completely revamp its usual formula. Five themes will address the great moments of Canada’s history. These pyromusical presentations will highlight the work of fireworks designers from across the country. Details to follow.


Grease Visual HD

GREASE, A Just for Laughs Production

August 4 to 20, 2017
Salle Odyssée, Maison de la culture

Hugely successful at the 2015 edition of the Just for Laughs Festival, Grease headlines Annie Villeneuve and Jason Roy-Léveillée as the mythical Sandy and Danny, under the direction of Andrew Shaver, in collaboration with artistic advisor Denise Filiatrault. The dialogue and some of the songs from Grease will be interpreted in French, thanks to a fabulous translation by Yves Morin, while the classics, such as Summer NightsYou’re the One That I WantHopelessly Devoted to You and Grease will be performed in their original English versions, to the delight of fans. With 16 actors on stage and five musicians, this superproduction promises to dazzle!



150 Special Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival

August 31 to September 4
Parc de La Baie

The Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival will mark Canada’s 150th anniversary with a grand spectacle of the kind that Gatineau residents so appreciate. With a narrative stream marking the great moments of Canada’s history and the 30 years of the Festival’s history presented by a storyteller, and featuring famous guest artists and local artists (orchestra, choir, etc.). This show will also feature a multi-media component.



Activities subject to change without notice

The following is an overview of the activities that are terminated for the 150th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation in Gatineau in 2017.

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Snowflake Kingdom - Winterlude 2017

February 3 to 20, 2017
Jacques -Cartier Park, Gatineau

Winterlude’s Snowflake Kingdom will welcome kids of all ages from February 3 to 20, 2017 at Jacques-Cartier Park in Gatineau! Everyone gets to have fun at the biggest snow playground on the continent, with a program lineup of special activities to mark Canada’s 150th anniversary. The Canada 150 giant maze, digital art projections, a national snow sculpture rendez-vous and much more! Check the Web site for details!

Free admission for visitors and spectators

Image événement - Gatineau Loppet - Place au 150e

Gatineau Loppet - Making Way for the 150th

February 17 to 19, 2017
École secondaire Mont-Bleu and Gatineau Park

For 2017, the Gatineau Loppet is proposing to add two special activities to mark the 150th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation: a linear FatBike race on snow for 150 participants, and historical representations at the refreshment stations along the route. Website:

Free admission for visitors and spectators

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Salon du Livre de l'Outaouais

Feb 23 to 26, 2017
Palais des Congrès, Gatineau

Visitors to the Salon du livre de l’Outaouais will get to meet authors from across Canada, including special guest Serge Bouchard, as part of the activities organized to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation. Attend conferences, round tables or panel discussions organized to mark 150 years of history, as well as to discover today’s Canadian literary voices. The full program will be unveiled on February 8. Don’t miss this one!



AERO 150 - Special Airshow

April 30th from 9 am to 4 pm
Gatineau-Ottawa Executive Airport

Aero150 is a once-in-a-lifetime aviation spectacle to be held at the Gatineau-Ottawa Executive Airport on Sunday, April 30, 2020  in honour of Canada 150 and the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

The Canadian Forces Snowbirds and the Patrouille de France of the French Air Force (l ‘Armée de l’Air) will soar over the skies of Gatineau in a display of friendship, freedom and the historic ties between Canada France.

Entrance is free




Reading Town Gatineau Ville Lecture

May 6 to 13, 2017
Several locations, every Gatineau sector

In May 2017, Gatineau will host the biggest (and best) Canadian reading festival! Reading Town is coming to our city, with an exciting program for kids and adults, avid readers and beginners. From May 6 to 13, local and guest artists, gastronomic events, activities related to the 150th anniversary of Confederation and the National Capital, music, poetry served with your pizza, authors’ meetings, literary trails, and much more will have Gatineau ringing to the sounds of words. Organized by Campagne pour la lecture, Reading Town Gatineau Ville lecture will bring together stakeholders from literary and cultural circles, communities, professionals and the public at large, for a grand celebration of books and reading. Join us!

Free admission: Website

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